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by Trinettronics
Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:58 pm
Forum: Unreal 3.2 Support
Topic: Static Kick Message?
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Static Kick Message?

Is it possible to setup a static-kick message that will display something like "For Violation of The Terms of Service you have been removed for $reason"

kinda like MSN used to do where it would kick them with that starting message and then accept the input from the kick reason?


by Trinettronics
Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:57 pm
Forum: Unreal 3.2 Modules
Topic: TimedBans?
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Anyone know how to get TimedBans... I tried contacting CodeMaster but never heard anything else even went as far as to purchase it from his site but the payment just bounced back after a time. Anyone have a way to get this module or something similar?