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by vitorhp
Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:39 pm
Forum: Unreal 3.2 Support
Topic: Virtual link server
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Virtual link server


I have some questions about linking servers.

Is possible create a 'virtual link', only to allow a to connect in my HUB, to put local admins and opers? Or linking can be made only with 2 machines (HUB and another one)?

Best regards,
by vitorhp
Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:46 pm
Forum: Services
Topic: Unreal and anope linking
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Re: Unreal and anope linking

I'm getting:
[Jan 28 23:45:36.305221 2009] FATAL: Can't connect to server: Permission denied

Any idea?
by vitorhp
Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:38 pm
Forum: Unreal 3.2 Support
Topic: Starting a IRCd
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Starting a IRCd

Hello, I'm trying to start a new Unreal IRCd. I followed all steps to compile and was OK, but i'm having trouble with the .conf WHen I do ./unreal start gives: * Loading IRCd configuration .. * Configuration loaded without any problems .. * Dynamic configuration initialized .. booting IRCd. --------...