Unreal 3.2.4 released

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Unreal 3.2.4 released

Post by Syzop »

[mostly copypasted from email to unreal-notify]

Finally, after 11 months, there's a new 3.2* stable release: 3.2.4

Our previous release, 3.2.3, was a successful one and has in fact been
downloaded over 130.000 times. However, as usual, new bugs are
discovered and other (older) issues needed to be corrected.

This new release comes with tons of bugfixes (of which some major),
and is a RECOMMENDED upgrade. Besides all the bugfixes, there are
also a few new features.

We've been experimenting with public Release Candidates (RC's);
there have been 3 rc's before this 3.2.4 release, and the rc's
have been downloaded ~1700 times total.
We would like to thank both our Unreal Testers Team and everyone
of the public that tested the 3.2.4-rc's for helping us to make
this a stable release.

If you wonder about future UnrealIRCd development (like Unreal3.3*):
another mail will be sent out about that in a few weeks, presenting
our future plans for UnrealIRCd, and and how people (coders, doc
writers, etc) can contribute.
Unfortunately we've simply been too busy with the current release
to finish off our (revised) development plan at the same time as
this release. Anyway, more info on that soon.

For now, happy upgrading! ;)

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Unreal3.2.4 Release Notes

- If you are upgrading on *NIX, make sure you run 'make clean' and './Config'
  first before doing 'make'
- The official UnrealIRCd documentation is doc/unreal32docs.html
  online version at: http://www.vulnscan.org/UnrealIrcd/unreal32docs.html
  FAQ: http://www.vulnscan.org/UnrealIrcd/faq/
  Read them before asking for help.
- Report bugs at http://bugs.unrealircd.org/
- When upgrading a network, we assume you are upgrading from the previous
  version (3.2.3). If you have a network running with servers that are several
  versions behind (eg: 3.2.1) then you might experience (desynch) problems.
  Please also minimize the time you have multiple versions running, several days
  is not a problem, but having mixed versions on a network for weeks or months
  is not recommended.

==[ NEW ]==
- Spamfilter: Added 'warn' target which is basically the same as 'block' except it
  does not block ;). It simply sends a numeric to the user saying the command has been
  processed, but a copy has been sent to ircops (which receive a spamfilter notice).
  Example usage: /spamfilter add p warn - Testing_mirc_decode_filter \$decode\(.*\)
- Spamfilter: an option to apply spamfilters to aliases as well. To do so, you have
  to put 'spamfilter yes;' in every alias block you want to get filtered.
  The /MS and /MEMOSERV aliases in aliases/*.conf have been updated to have
  spamfiltering enabled by default.
- The "max bans per channel" setting can now be changed trough the config file by
  setting set::maxbans. Note that you probably also want to enlarge set::maxbanlength
  then as well (see docs!) or else you will hit that limit first. Note that the max ban
  length setting has been slightly relaxed in 3.2.4, see the CHANGED section further down.
- Nick Character System: new languages/character sets are added: 'danish',
  'belarussian-w1251' and 'ukrainian-w1251'.
- ExtBan ~c now accepts wildcards, such as: "+b ~c:#*xxx*" (don't forget the "#")
- Banned users can no longer change the topic
- Made it so you no longer can change your nick TO a banned one in a channel.
  This option can be turned off by setting set::check-target-nick-bans to "no".
- Translations: Added a Bulgarian example.bg.conf, a Russian help.ru.conf, and a Dutch
- For services coders: Added doc/technical/serverprotocol.html

==[ CHANGED ]==
- Changed the MAXBANLENGTH (now set::maxbanlength) from 1K to 2K. This means users can now
  set more bans and actually reach the 60 MAXBANS (now set::maxbans) limit in practice.
- Added several indicators to the "detect binary incompatible modules"-system, such as
  a module compiled with ziplinks support on a non-ziplinks ircd (*NIX only), nospoof
  mismatches, etc. Hopefully this will help some people preventing odd crashes when
  they forgot to recompile everything.
- More modulizing: another 200 lines of code / 20 functions have been moved to modules.
- Multiple allow channel::channel items are now permitted again
- Redid glob matching. Escaping is now ripped out for normal bans (as it should be), this
  means no longer weird issues with +b *\* etc not banning nicks with \ in it.
  ExtBan ~c/~r get special treatment and will use our match_esc [match with escaping]
  routine, you can escape via \, so \* will match * (an asterisk), \? will match a
  questionmark (?), and \\ will match a \ (backslash). This way you can ban channels
  such as "#f*ck" via "+b ~c:#f\*ck". So, take note, if you want to ban for example a
  channel with a backslash in it, such as "#bl\ah", then you do "+b ~c:#bl\\ah".
  Again, for any bans other than ~c/~r this does not apply.
- Spamfilter: regexes and reasons are now more limited in size, this is to combat the
  "I set a spamfilter, but cannot remove it" problem. In practice this means - depending
  on the length of the spamfilter reason - that spamfilter will max ~300 characters.
  Note that spamfilters in the config file can still be larger (since they cannot be
  removed on the command line anyway, it doesn't matter that they are cut off on /stats F).
- CMDLINE_CONFIG behavior change: specifying a config file on the command line is now
  permitted as long as the ircd isn't suid/sgid.
- set::channel-command-prefix now defaults to ".`!" instead of "`"
- When OPEROVERRIDE_VERIFY is enabled, we now allow opers to still join any channels listed
  in set::auto-join or set::oper-auto-join, even if they are +s/+p.
- Made it so co-admins can /ADCHAT. They were already receiving them anyway...
- ./Config: the script now actually stops upon the error, making it more clear what is wrong.
- Global opers on quarantined servers will now be KILL'ed. So link::options::quarantine now
  actually does what it should, even if it's not in the most elegant way.
- Empty (but existing) include files no longer cause an error.
- We now properly error if someone tries to /(G)ZLINE *@hostmask (should be *@ipmask) or
  /(G)ZLINE usermask@something (should be *@something). Both forms are illegal because
  (G)ZLINES are processed before dns and ident lookups. If you require a ban on a hostmask
  or a usermask, simply use a KLINE or GLINE.
- For users using remote includes w/ssl (https, ftps): the CA certificates are now stored
  in curl-ca-bundle.crt (shipped with Unreal) which contains most major CA's plus CACert.

- Two issues with an incorrect badword { } block in the config file causing a crash.
- Incorrect TKL/*LINE causing a crash
- Complete resolver recode: now using c-ares + caching to fix some (rare?) crash bugs and
  to make our code much more cleaner.
- Using GCC4 caused a crash on-link.
- Crash when a class block was removed and had any other blocks were referencing it.
- OpenBSD crash on /REHASH.
- Several AMD64 crash issues.
- Sometimes a serious flood of notices was generated if link::options::nodnscache was used.
- Spamfilter: action 'viruschan' combined with target 'user' caused crashes.
- chinese-* nick characters support caused memory corruption.
- Crash issue regarding SSL and junk snomask.

- Now properly resolves hostnames again that use CNAME delegation (got broken in 3.2.3).
- Fedora Core w/IPv6 failed to compile.
- A few read-after-free bugs that could have caused crashes.
- ./Config was not loading the settings properly on Solaris 10
- Crash if high ascii in set::network-name
- Fixed advanced channel aliases not working properly
- Fixed \* and \? escaping not always working properly (for example in ~r/~c bans).

==[ REMOVED ]==
- Windows 9X/ME are no longer supported (it might work, but we won't support them).

* See Changelog for more details
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Post by Syzop »

Just for those who haven't noticed, I had to put out a fixed version ~6 hours ago. details here
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Thank you for another good release of this ircd server. Keep up the good work guys! Cheers! :P
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i crashed the Gentoo text box
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Victory!! All hail Unreal IRCd Team! :D
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i have a "segmentation error" on ./unreal start
what can i do to fix it?
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