3.2.7 Backport voting

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3.2.7 Backport voting

Post by Stskeeps » Sun May 20, 2007 9:14 pm

Right, here's the deal.:
http://cvs.ircsystems.net/cgi/viewcvs.c ... _tag=devel

is a list of changes done to 3.3 (starting on 1281 darkelf - Removed old poll code from s_bsd.c and s_debug.c also do_client_queue function).

If you wonder what the #000XXXX references are, you can look up the bug report on http://bugs.unrealircd.org/view.php?id=XXXX and read about it.

We need to choose which changes gets backported to our new version coming out, 3.2.7, and we need you and your IRC network's help for this (as you have an interest in what your next IRCd version will look like), and we are going to do this through a vote of sorts.

http://bugs.unrealircd.org/view.php?id=3049 - A list of possible todos for 3.3. If you have an interest in us coding this, there is a possibility to influence our work through this.

Rules are:

* The goal for 3.2.7 is a STABLE release. Not so much features, but well tested 3.3 features/simple features may be included.

* Voting ballots go to stskeeps-327vote@tspre.org

* The voting ends in 28 days (mail address will start to bounce there), and will cause the top whatever changes to be backported into 3.2.7, and 3.2.7 getting released for testing, ending with 3.2.7 release in the end.

* If you are part (admin, oper, or maybe user that experiences the bug) of a large IRC network (>500 users, and/or >12 servers), your vote will count more

* If you are a contributor (tester, often bug reporter) or committer or tester to Unreal, your vote will count more

* Format for vote ballots should be this:

- If you have a reason to think you're special (according to the rules above)
write in capital letters "SPECIAL:" in the e-mail and the reason on the same line afterwards

- To vote for things that you want included in 3.2.7, copy the entire line from the page mentioned above. There is no limit on how many things you may vote on, but keep it under 15.

- To vote for a certain bug report/idea from the 3.3 bug list, copy the entire line from the bugs.* page mentioned above.

Sample ballot:

SPECIAL: IRC network (irc.foo.com), average users: 5000, current servers: 240
1710 stskeeps - Added set::ssl::server-cipher-list, #002368 requested by Beastie
1711 stskeeps - Added set::ssl::renegotiate-bytes, set::ssl:renegotiate-timeout, #0002971
1712 suggested by tabrisnet. Gets activated when >0. Please set sane values.
1713 stskeeps - Added set::ssl::dh to indicate DH parameters. These are needed to support
1714 DSA certificates and should probably make them work from now on.
parent of 0002507 acknowledged Renaming old files to file.old before make installing [Delete]

* Involve your admins/opers and users and have a say in how the next release should look. We do however reserve our right to not include certain changes if there are problems with it.

* If you want to help out with Unreal, look in my previous post.

/Stskeeps & the UnrealIRCd team

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