Make your mark on Unreal4 development

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Make your mark on Unreal4 development

Post by Stskeeps » Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:57 am

This is your chance to affect how Unreal will look in the future :) The way to do this, is to register an account on and enter one of these pages, and leave a comment (by the Add Note form). We will use all of these inputs to determine which direction to take the IRCds - and it's not meant as a flame forum of any kind, we want to hear what you users have to say, not for users to discuss among themselves - if we find merit in a complaint/issue, we move it to a seperate bug report and the discussion will go on there as it has always done with new feature suggestions/bugfixes/etc.

One page is for - things that is missing in Unreal4.0 (SVN) that is in Unreal3 - you can download the SVN through the instructions on - currently only for *nix, sorry. - We would like your input and observations of what's lacking currently, on

Second page is for - things that -you- think are stupidily done in Unreal3.2.7, and you would like to see us fix/rework/change around a bit to make it better, in Unreal4. This page is

Third page is for - if you tried Unreal4/InspIRCd and you think there are things that should be changed as they're stupid/badly done/not thought through, leave a comment on

Get your network involved, find the things you don't like or do like but seems to be missing, etc. It would help us a great deal and this would help you to get a better IRCd for you, in the future. :)

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