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Quick-get System

Post by nate » Wed Dec 26, 2007 5:36 am

So after a few nights of development here, an idea which spawned a couple/few months back actually is complete.

We've now implemented a 'Quick' get system of sorts to grab UnrealIRCd from the site while still utilizing the mirrors here and let us keep track of download statistics as well.

This feature at least in my opinion for the purpose I did it was mainly aimed at those who might utilize scripts to grab and install UnrealIRCd without the use of portage (which in my experience within the #unreal-support channel, portage related installs of UnrealIRCd are more trouble than ease of getting : P) and such.

The simplest way to utilize this at least on *nix related systems is simply by wget get.unrealircd.com. Using that will provide you the latest stable UnrealIRCd source (.tar.gz) package.

The URL however can take some arguements, which basically as an example to get the 3.2.7 source (.tar.gz) package:


The Version value is fairly obvious, it would be the UnrealIRCd release. At this time there is no legacy supporting, 3.2.7 is the only version available at the minimum level, however upon the release of 3.2.8, and future 3.2.x releases after that, versions from 3.2.7 to whatever 3.2.x would be will be available for 'Historial/Legacy' reasons (with the exception of any releases that may perhaps be vulnerable to any sort of exploit, will most likely be prevented from download through this system and any website historical/legacy file listing.

The Package Type value can be 1 of 5 values at this time, the available values are as such:
  • source
    The source (.tar.gz) package.
  • win32
    The Win32 Pre-compiled installer
  • win32-ssl
    The Win32 Pre-compiled w/SSL Installer
  • win32-noaq
    The Win32 Pre-compiled w/+aq Prefixes disabled Installer
  • win32-ssl-noaq
    The Win32 Pre-compiled w/SSL & +aq Prefixes disabled Installer
You can also skip providing a version at all to get the latest of a certain package type.
For example to download the latest Win32 Pre-compile w/+aq prefixes disabled, you would:


If anyone has any issues/errors while using this new system, please make a post here about it.

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Re: Quick-get System

Post by toodaloo » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:10 pm

I think this is a pretty good system personally. I see that this is an old topic, and there have been no responses, so I take it there have been no real issues with it. Anyway, it all looks like a pretty good deal to me. ThANKS.

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