UnrealIRCd Development & Future

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UnrealIRCd Development & Future

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Upon the announcement of Sts leaving the project, who of course without him there would never have been UnrealIRCd and will definitely be missed (though you can send lotsa cookies to him, maybe he'll come back : P), I figure an update on things will be wise now as speculation is gonna fly I'm sure.

While development on the 3.2 branch will fall to as Syzop has recently noted again, primarily bug fixes (with exception of .8 which has some new features), a 3.3 project is still in the works and has taken the role over of what u4 was originally meant to be. To note primarily that of what originally was meant to be was a completer re-write from the ground up basically, and in C++ rather than C. Its also intended to be heavily heavily modular, which will present many new possibilities of course.

Its still going to be a few months off before any code is here for base uses, I'm the only one working on 3.3 right now, though mainly for sanity reasons, I'm simply doing the core basis of the IRCd, the stuff that makes IRC work, then it'll go into subversion as an alpha codebase and at that point myself and other developers still with the project will talk about either making the repository fully open for all or only limited to those then who are on or may come to the project to help develop the rest of the features. After that the future of 3.3 will likely become the actual UnrealIRCd 4.x branch title upon an actual beta stage of the branch.

Some basic information of the adjusted ISUPPORT tech specs is available here;
http://www.unrealircd.com/files/dev/3.3 ... PPORT.html

Please note that is most definitely not an 'Official' standard list yet, things will definitely change by the end, especially the modes and such as many will be adjusted for some mode differences/removals/additions/etc.

If you have any questions, ideas, opinions, etc; please reply to this topic with it, as we're of course always open for them (minus of course the insane ones : P)
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