Future development - Unreal3.2 & Unreal3.4

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Future development - Unreal3.2 & Unreal3.4

Post by Syzop » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:05 am

A few weeks ago an 'unreal34' branch was created in our Mercurial repository.
From now on Unreal3.4.x will be the place where all development takes place, including more experimental stuff and changes that cause things to break.
Unreal3.2.x will continue to be the stable branch. Most fixes that went in 3.4.x will be backported by me (Syzop) to 3.2.x.
The goal is to have a lot of major changes and new features in 3.4.x and then after a while start releasing beta's so we can have a 3.4 stable release somewhere in 2014.
The 3.2.x series will continue to be maintained until the 3.4 version has been declared stable (and a little while after that, too).

To help us actually achieve this, nenolod has been added as a developer for 3.4.x. Other developers will hopefully hop in later. If you are a C developer and interested in helping out, then send an e-mail to syzop@unrealircd.com.

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