Unreal3.2.10 released & Unreal3.4 development

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Unreal3.2.10 released & Unreal3.4 development

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First of all, Merry Christmas everyone!
Today we have released UnrealIRCd 3.2.10. This release contains quite a number of new features and also a couple of bug fixes for minor issues. For a summary of the changes, see the Release Notes below.

I would also like to announce that we have started development on UnrealIRCd 3.4. This means we now have two branches:
Unreal3.4 is where all (experimental) development takes place. The goal is to have a lot of major changes and new features in 3.4, and then - after a while - start releasing beta's so we can have a 3.4 stable release somewhere in 2014.
Until then, Unreal3.2 will remain our stable branch, and bugfixes from 3.4 will be backported to 3.2.
The UnrealIRCd 3.2.x series will continue to be maintained until the 3.4 version has been declared stable, and for some time after that too.

To help us actually achieve this, nenolod has been added as a developer for 3.4.x. Other developers will hopefully hop in later. If you are a C developer and interested in helping out, then send an e-mail to syzop@unrealircd.com or hop by in #unreal3-devel @ irc.unrealircd.com.

Release Notes:

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==[ NEW ]==
- Improved socket engine. This brings some performance improvements and
  also makes it easier to configure a system to hold more than 1024
  clients (no more editing of header files on Linux!).
- ESVID support: services can communicate the account name of the user
  back to the IRCd. This only works on ESVID-capable services:
  - Extban ~a:<accountname>: matches users who are logged in to services
    with that account name.
  - Show account name in /WHOIS
- CAP support: this enables clients to enable certain features more easily.
  Can be disabled through set::options::disable-cap.
- Now that STARTTLS is advertised in CAP it is likely to be used more often.
- away-notify: informs clients of AWAY state changes of users on the same
  channels, for clients that support this.
- account-notify: similar to away-notify, inform clients of changes in the
  login status and account name used by other clients on the same channels.
- SASL support. To use this, and if your services support this, you point
  set::sasl-server to your services server.
- Server-side MLOCK support: the IRCd will prevent channel mode changes
  depending on the MLOCK setting in services. Requires special support
  from services for this feature.
- User Mode +I (IRCOp only): hide idle time
- auth-method 'sslclientcertfp': authenticate users using an SSL client
  certificate by the SHA256 fingerprint of that certificate.
  The documentation has a new section (3.19) called 'Authentication Types'
  which contains an (improved) example of how to use SSL client certificate
  authentication instead of regular passwords.
- oper::require-modes: an optional setting, which can be used to require
  users to have certain user modes (such as 'z') before they can /OPER up.
- allow/deny channel: you can now optionally specify a class here as an
  extra filter.
- doc/example.es.conf: Spanish translation of example configuration file.
- There have also been some behavior changes, which can be considered NEW,
  see next section (CHANGED).

==[ CHANGED ]==
- Anti-spoof protection (ping cookies) can now be enabled/disabled at
  run-time through set::ping-cookie [yes|no]. The default is 'yes' (enabled).
- A quit with 'Ping timeout' now shows the number of seconds since the ping.
- Print out a warning if we can't write to a log file.
- Refuse to boot if we can't write to ANY log file.
- Windows: if an SSL certificate exists, then uncheck the 'generate SSL
  certificate' checkbox by default.
- *NIX with SSL: We now ask in ./Config if you want to generate an SSL
  certificate. The certificate is then copied when you run 'make install'.

- Windows SSL crash (this issue was already fixed in 3.2.9-SSL-fix)
- Other than that, none?

- Various compile problems, in particular with remote includes enabled.
- Windows: the installer sometimes insisted that the Visual C++ 2008
  redistributable package was not installed, when it actually was there.
- Windows: MOTD file date/time was always showing up as 1/1/1970.
- And more... see Changelog

- Windows 9X is no longer supported
- The networks/ directory has been removed
As always, you can download UnrealIRCd from http://www.unrealircd.com/
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