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Unreal released

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I've released an update to latest stable release. There were a few issues in 3.2.10 that couldn't wait until a 3.2.11 release.
Note that if you are not experiencing any of these issues then there isn't much reason to upgrade!
Here's the list of issues that are fixed since 3.2.10:

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- Windows only: outgoing connects from Windows caused severe linking issues,
  including killing of (ghost) users on the Windows server.
- An issue where user modes were stripped from remote clients, this caused
  a problem for Anope BotServ bots.
- A compile problem on OpenBSD.
- '/REHASH -global' did not rehash all servers.
- Some documentation updates.
If you're still running 3.2.9, then see the 3.2.10 announcement for more information on all the features in 3.2.10 (and thus

As always, you can download latest UnrealIRCd from http://www.unrealircd.com/
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