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Unreal released

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:18 am
by Syzop
We have released a second update to latest stable: UnrealIRCd

The following major issues were present in 3.2.10 & and have been fixed in this version:
- A remote crash issue when compiled with SSL (NULL pointer dereference)
- A second issue that can potentially lead to a crash (read-after-free)

In addition to these 3.2.10.x fixes there were also some other bugs fixed, mostly in the area of server linking and flood hardening.

The external libraries of the Windows version have been updated (openssl, c-ares, zlib). The bundled c-ares source (for *NIX) has been updated too.

We recommend 3.2.10 & users to upgrade somewhere in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately the upgrade will require an IRCd restart, as part of the problem lies in the core system.

Full release notes

As always, you can download latest UnrealIRCd from

EDIT 2013-11-24 15:25 UTC: I fixed two compile issues in the .tar.gz package. The Windows downloads are untouched. If you had any problems with compiling, then simply re-download.