Windows: UnrealIRCd releases are now digitally signed

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Windows: UnrealIRCd releases are now digitally signed

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From now on our Windows UnrealIRCd 4.x releases are digitally signed with signtool. If you run the installer the publisher will show as "Open Source Developer, Bram Matthys" rather than "Unknown publisher". Not only the installer itself is signed, also all .EXE and .DLL files which are installed. This also makes it easy for Anti Virus software to see if something is an official UnrealIRCd release or a self-compiled and potentially harmful file.

Thanks to Certum for providing us (and other Open Source software) with a cheap official code signing certificate.

Note all of the above is just an extra step in addition to our existing practice of PGP/GPG signing of downloads, something we will continue to be doing.
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