Infrastructure: email problem resolved

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Infrastructure: email problem resolved

Post by Syzop »

Due to a change of mail servers and a configuration error e-mail traffic from the various * sites has not been working for the past few weeks. E-mails from your own email client/provider to etc. all worked but mails generated by the * websites did not. Examples of this are: forum registration emails, forgotten password mails, bugtracker notifications mails when an issue is updated, etc.

I only noticed this when I logged in to the forums admin panel to look for another error. The problem was present for almost a full month. Apparently nobody sent an email to regarding this (which DID work) or mentioned it on IRC. Perhaps every person thinking it was a fault on their end and/or simply gave up.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Community support is really important for an Open Source project such as UnrealIRCd. New users unable to sign up is thus a big problem. In total I counted +/- 40 affected email addresses.

UPDATE: I've emailed all the affected persons that I could find. This means all people trying to sign up / requested passwords from for past month, PLUS persons on other sites like but then only from past 10 days (due to logging limitations).
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