UnrealIRCd 4.0.17 released

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UnrealIRCd 4.0.17 released

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UnrealIRCd 4.0.17 (stable) is now available for download.

Highlights in this release are two new optional modules: "timed bans" (remove ban after X minutes) and "msgbypass". Also new is experimental support for utf8 in set::allowed-nickchars. As always, a summary of the changes can be seen below.

Happy holidays everyone!

  • Two optional modules. These are not loaded by default. To use them, include modules.optional.conf, or add these loadmodule lines:
    loadmodule "extbans/timedban";
    loadmodule "extbans/msgbypass";
    • Timed bans: ~t:duration:mask
      These are bans that are automatically removed by the server. The duration is in minutes and the mask can be any ban mask.
      Some examples:
      • A 5 minute ban on a host: +b ~t:5:*!*@host
      • A 5 minute quiet ban on a host (unable to speak): +b ~t:5:~q:*!*@host
      • An invite exception for 1440m/24hrs: +I ~t:1440:*!*@host
      • A temporary exempt ban for a services account: +e ~t:1440:~a:Account
      • Allows someone to speak through +m for the next 24hrs: +e ~t:1440:~m:moderated:*!*@host
      • And any other crazy ideas you can come up with...
    • New ban exception ~m:type:mask which allows bypassing of message restrictions.
      Valid types are: 'external' (bypass +n), moderated (bypass +m/+M), 'censor' (bypass +G), 'color' (bypass +S/+c) and 'notice' (bypass +T).
      Some examples:
      • Let LAN users bypass +m: +e ~m:moderated:*!*@192.168.*
      • Let ops in #otherchan bypass +m in this channel: +e ~m:moderated:~c:@#otherchan
      • Make GitHub commit bot bypass +n: +e ~m:external:*!*@ipmask
      • Allow a services account to use color: +e ~m:color:~a:ColorBot
  • Timedban support in +f [5t#b2]:10 (set 2 minute ban on text flood).
    This is only available if the previously mentioned extbans/timedban module is loaded.
  • Added experimental UTF8 support in set::allowed-nickchars. See https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/Nick_Character_Sets
    Example: set { allowed-nickchars { latin-utf8; }; };
    Important remarks:
    • All your servers must be on UnrealIRCd 4.0.17-rc1
    • Most(?) services do not support this, so users using UTF8 nicknames won't be able to register at NickServ.
    • In set::allowed-nickchars you must either choose an utf8 language or a non-utf8 character set. You cannot combine the two.
    • You also cannot combine multiple scripts/alphabets, such as: latin, greek, cyrillic and hebrew. You must choose one.
    • If you are already using set::allowed-nickchars on your network (eg: 'latin1') then be careful when migrating (to eg: 'latin-utf8'):
      • Your clients may still assume non-UTF8
      • If users registered nicks with accents or other special characters at NickServ then they may not be able to access their old account after the migration to UTF8.
    • There is no CASEMAPPING or "visually identical character"-checking.
      • Just like in the old (non-utf8) charsys this means there is no lower/uppercase checking for allowed-nickchars nicks. So a nick with "O with accent" can be online at the same time as "o with accent". They are treated as two different users.
      • The identical character looking issue is particular noticeable in Cyrillic script where for example cyrillic "A" looks identical to latin "A" and thus can be used to impersonate a user.
      • Improved CASEMAPPING and "visually similar character"-checking is part of ongoing research.
  • Ability to customize the reject connection messages:

    Code: Select all

    set {
            reject-message {
                 password-mismatch "Password mismatch";
                 too-many-connections "Too many connections from your IP";
                 server-full "This server is full.";
                 unauthorized "You are not authorized to connect to this server";
Major issues fixed
  • Crash when using OperOverride (*NIX only)
  • Fix hang in (outgoing) server linking
  • Fix crash when linking anope over SSL from non-localhost
  • '/SPAMFILTER del <id>' did not remove the spamfilter on other servers
Minor issues fixed
  • set::restrict-extendedbans was not always applied (when stacked)
Other changes
  • UnrealIRCd will no longer give user mode +z to users on WEBIRC gateways using SSL/TLS IRC, unless the WEBIRC gateway gives us some assurance that the client<->webirc gateway connection is also secure (eg: https).
    This is the regular WEBIRC format:
    WEBIRC password gateway hostname ip
    This indicates a secure client connection (NEW):
    WEBIRC password gateway hostname ip :secure
    Naturally, WEBIRC gateways MUST NOT send the "secure" option if the client is using http or some other insecure protocol.
For module coders As always, you can download UnrealIRCd from www.unrealircd.org.
All releases are signed with our PGP key (key id 0xA7A21B0A108FF4A9)

Please report all bugs and feature suggestions at https://bugs.unrealircd.org/
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