UnrealIRCd 4.2.4 released (also fixes crash issue)

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UnrealIRCd 4.2.4 released (also fixes crash issue)

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Hi everyone,

UnrealIRCd 4.2.4 (stable) is now available for download.

This release fixes a crash issue if UnrealIRCd is configured to use utf8 or chinese character sets in set::allowed-nickchars. This is not the default.
We don't expect many users to run their IRCd with this enabled, as the utf8 support was tagged as experimental and the chinese/gbk implementation is incomplete.

In addition to the bug fix from above, this release also contains a number of other fixes and enhancements. In particular the reputation and connthrottle modules are now working better and there were some major Windows fixes.

Changes between version 4.2.3 and 4.2.4:

  • Improve server linking error messages.
  • Enhance WHOX to WHO auto-conversion for "WHO +s serv.er.name"
Major issues fixed:
  • A crash issue if using utf8 or chinese in set::allowed-nickchars (not the default).
  • The Windows version only accepted very few clients.
  • The Windows version should warn and not error if using old-style regex.
  • The Windows version did not save the reputation database.
Minor issues fixed:
  • The 'connthrottle' module incorrectly allowed 0 unknown users in when it was throttling, rather than the set rate.
  • The 'reputation' module did not show scores for remote users in /WHOIS, only after 5 minutes had passed.
  • Some users may have experienced a "Registration Timeout" error when connecting.
    This happened because their ident server accepted the TCP/IP connection but after that failed to respond to the ident request. We have now lowered set::ident::read-timeout to 15 seconds to fix this.
  • If successfully logged in using SASL then avoid an "You are already logged in" error message that could happen due to PASS forwarding.
For module coders:
  • If you are debugging or developing modules then we encourage you to use AddressSanitizer.
    This does come at a 5-10x performance slowdown and can consume a lot more memory, but it is very useful in tracing common C mistakes such as out of bounds read/writes, double frees, and so on. You will see exactly where a mistake was made. To use this, in the last ./Config question you answer: --enable-asan
IRC protocol:
This section is intended for client coders and people interested in IRC protocol technicalities
  • No changes in this release.
Future versions (heads up):
  • We intend to change the default plaintext oper policy from warn to deny in the summer of 2019. This will deny /OPER when issued from a non-SSL connection. For security, IRC Operators should really use SSL/TLS when connecting to an IRC server!
Previous versions (older release notes): As always, you can download UnrealIRCd from www.unrealircd.org.
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