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UnrealIRCd released (fixes crash issue in 5.0.3)

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:06 pm
by Syzop
Apologies to bother everyone again,

UnrealIRCd 5.0.3 which was released last Saturday turned out to introduce a new crash bug. The download has now been replaced with
  • For users using 5.0.0/5.0.1/5.0.2: no additional action is needed as this issue only affects 5.0.3 (this assumes you already installed the "hot patch" from Saturday)
  • For users running 5.0.3: simply fix the issue without requiring a restart, by running this command in your UnrealIRCd directory:

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    ./unrealircd hot-patch historycrash
  • For new installations (and also for Windows users) you can install the newly released
  • For UnrealIRCd 4.x users: No action needed
I'm glad the 150 admins who already upgraded to UnrealIRCd 5.0.3 can again fix this issue without a restart so end-users won't notice anything. Still, I apologize for the recent flood of announcements and releases.

For the original 5.0.3 release notes and general UnrealIRCd 5 information, see here.

Additional information on the hot patch
Go to your UnrealIRCd directory and then run the patch command:

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cd /home/youraccount/unrealircd
./unrealircd hot-patch historycrash
After a lot of output it should end with this:

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Patch applied successfully and installed. Rehashing your IRCd...
Rehashing UnrealIRCd
Done! All should be good now.
The command only works on UnrealIRCd 5.0.3. You should not use it on any other version since only 5.0.3 has this bug.