Need Help Please

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Need Help Please

Post by Mike555 »

Hello friend;

I'm having a problem with services, Services won't kill or change to Guest protected nick

Example: If I log on with some one else's nick that is registered, I get warning: This is registered and protected nick, if its yours then type /msg nickserv identify and password. Or change the nick.

But afterward nothing happens. Service won't kill / change the nick. I checked services.conf and nickserv.conf and the directives are set correctly.

Here is the directives:

* If set, is the length of time NickServ's killquick and kill options wait before
* forcing users off of protected nicknames.
killquick = 20s
kill = 30s

What I'm missing Please help.
Thanks a bundle in advance.
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Re: Need Help Please

Post by CrazyCat »

Users must activate the kill option (/msg nickserv set kill ON | QUICK | IMMED).
And think to change defaults in nickserv.conf to add the kill protections for new users
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