Setting multiple +q in chans automatically

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Setting multiple +q in chans automatically

Post by couldntthinkofadecentnick »

Me and someone else have both founded a network and we want it so +q is set on both of us ween we come in.

I have tried lodsa stuff but cant get it to work.

Have u got any advice, I have heard it cant be done however I have seen it done before so I think it must be possible.

If it is important we are using anope for services (latest windows version, we are moving it to linux eventually)

Thank you

Post by Ron2K »

I have seen this done before, albeit with a version of IRCServices that I suspect was modified (although I haven't tried it with a vanilla version). It seemed to give the channel successor +q as well.

I'll try with a vanilla version and post back in the morning, but I suspect that it was modified.
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Post by aquanight »

There is an anope module:

You must use numeric access lists (/msg chanserv set #channel xop off), however.
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Post by Solutech »

You can also add some code to your script to +q you in all channels . Thats what I do with my admins .
Yawn. So there's yet another "if the user clicks the button, they're infected" exploit. Why is this news? We already know users are idiots.
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Post by Winbots »

i have modified kickservices to automatically give the founder AND the cofounders +q on my net, if anyone wants the instructions to modify it, ya can reply here, or pm me :P

Post by Ron2K »

Just as I thought - the network I mentioned earlier uses a modified version of IRCServices.
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Post by sChutt »

Assuming mIRC as client:

ON 1:JOIN:#whatever: /if $nick == $me { /msg operserv mode $chan +q $me }

Seeing u both 'founded' a network, i take it both of ya's are opers aswell, hence, the easy way typed above.

- sChutt