Mass ping timeout / broken pipe.

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Mass ping timeout / broken pipe.

Post by Grunt » Fri Mar 10, 2006 4:33 pm

I've noticed that lately some of my users are suddenly disconnected by no reason at all. Could this be a OS problem or a server problem? I've recently upgraded anope to the latest version, but I cannot remember is this started before or after the upgrade.

[18:13] * User001 ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:13] * SuperUser ( Quit (Ping timeout)
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[18:13] * User003 (xxx4@SOME.CLOAKED.IP) Quit (Broken pipe)

I have absolutely no idea what may have caused this, since it didn't happen at all until a few days ago. It happens at least once every two days. Now.. I know it may as well be a coincidence, but I suspect some problem with the latest anope. I do have some modules loaded, here they are:

[18:29] -OperServ- Current Module list:
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: cs_appendtopic [$Id: cs_appendtopic.c 901 2005-09-28 14:02:22Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: cs_enforce [$Id: cs_enforce.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: hs_request [$Id$] [3rd]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: ns_maxemail [$Id: ns_maxemail.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: ns_noop [$Id: ns_noop.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: os_info [$Id: os_info.c 851 2005-08-10 15:47:42Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: os_clientjoin [1.02] [3rd]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: os_nosuperumodesvsnick [1.0] [3rd]
[18:29] -OperServ- Module: unreal32 [$Id: unreal32.c 931 2005-11-02 17:42:52Z rob $] [Protocol]
[18:29] -OperServ- 9 Modules loaded.

If you guys know anything about this, let me know... If not, I'm going to the anope forums as well.
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