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Using Anope with Unreal IRCd 3.2.4

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:24 am
by Oxedizer
Hi every one!

I am not sure that this is the correct section to post such a request, but here goes:

I am running the Unreal IRCd ver 3.2.4, with Anope for the services there are 3 links, My main server is the hub and there are two leafs, I managed to get the servers all linked together with out that much of a glitch, the problem lies when I try and run the services. Anope will just simply not run! One of the other servers ( which is running on another Windows XP machine also in the UK is able to run the anope services with out any problems, unfortunately when I try and run the .exe, there is a dos command box that apears for about 3 seconds, then dissapears. I then go to the "Logs" folder and read the following error:

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[Apr 12 04:19:54 2006] Loading IRCD Protocol Module: [unreal32]
[Apr 12 04:19:54 2006] The specified module could not be found.

[Apr 12 04:19:54 2006] status: [6][Module Error, Error during load time or module returned MOD_STOP]
I have put the following line in the .conf file:

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IRCDModule "unreal32"
which is underneath the required "# IRCDModule <module_name> [REQUIRED]"

What would be the best way to correct this problem? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank You.