Remote server in services config (Please Help)

The UnrealIRCd team does not officially provide support for any services packages that you may be using or want to use. This forum is provided so the community can help each other with services issues.

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Re: ok

Post by Stealth »

CrashOverride wrote:how bout this

[Oct 24 23:14:24 2006] Databases loaded
[Oct 24 23:14:24 2006] Connected to Server 1 (localhost:6667)
[Oct 24 23:14:24 2006] FATAL: Remote server returned: ERROR :Closing Link: [] (This port is for clients only)
Remove the clientsonly setting from your listen block in unrealircd.conf
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Re: ok

Post by SpaceDoG »

Code: Select all

 username *;
 hostname *;
 port 6679;
 bind-ip *;
 password-connect "PASSWORD";
 password-receive "PASSWORD";
 class servers;

ulines {;

Code: Select all

RemoteServer   localhost 6667 "PASSWORD"

Code: Select all

 * NEW: listen {}
 * OLD: P:Line
 * This defines a port for the ircd to bind to, to
 * allow users/servers to connect to the server. 
 * Syntax is as follows:

listen *:6667;
listen *:6668;





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Post by CrashOverride »

:o Well after painstakingly trying and trying and trying i switcehd my services to Anope after reading the posts about it
Well folks it paid off....

[Oct 25 17:43:54 2006] Anope 1.6.4 (874) (compiled for UnrealIRCd 3.1.1+) starting up
[Oct 25 17:43:55 2006] Attempting to load V3 HS Database
[Oct 25 17:43:55 2006] Databases loaded
[Oct 25 17:43:55 2006] Connected to Server 1 (localhost:6667)
[Oct 25 17:43:56 2006] user: New maximum user count: 1
[Oct 25 17:44:23 2006] user: New maximum user count: 2

YAY so now
that i have the link needed and the dreaded "services are down try later" message i need to make sure that the modulas are all loaded.

How do i check that and how do i get started using the services......i know the main thing i want to use is the /nickserv and the /chanserv to reserve nicks and channals
You all have been patient and helpfull