win+unk - Copy 3

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win+unk - Copy 3

Post by confused »

Hey, I am really unfamiliar with unlreal ircd, though I get the basic principal. For some reason lately, when I come to my PC a folder and .rar file appear on my desktop called win+unk - Copy 3- and then wircd.exe runs as a process... I have no use for the program and have no idea why it keeps appearing, even though I delete it from everywhere possible.

Is this a virus?
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Re: win+unk - Copy 3

Post by SpaceDoG »

I have no idea what the win+unk - copy 3 is but the wircd.exe is UnrealIRCd on Windows.
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Re: win+unk - Copy 3

Post by Jobe »

This sounds very much like a virus that's using UnrealIRCd or another IRCd that calls it's executable wircd.exe on your computer.

I would suggest starting off by running a full virus scan.
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