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Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:06 pm
by jimjones312
Ok so i set up IRC on my laptop so me and my friends can get in there, it makes things easy for us when we have LAN parties and we find some info, we can share quicker and faster inside the IRC channel then if using Facebook or other sites, well, my issue is that when i register the nick "Bill" For example, after rebooting my laptop "Bill" Is no longer a registered nick. Im assuming this is not supposed to happen? Im thinking it could have to do with permission errors, but im not sure.

/etc/unrealircd/ is owned by my personal account (I know its not recommended, but its how i originally wanted it set up)
/etc/anope/ is owned by anope:anope like default.

Im assuming there is a possibility that my permissions there could mess it up? Or maybe something else?

If anyone knows how i can make these changes take permanent effect even after reboot please let me know!! :D


Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:04 am
by Stealth
This sounds like it'd be an issue with Anope, so I'm moving it to the Services forum.

The first thing I would suggest checking and doing would be the interval that Anope is saving the databases. If there is too long of a time between saves the databases on disk won't have the proper information if Anope is shut down unexpectedly. With that being said, make sure that when you're shutting down your computer you're properly shutting down Anope (/msg operserv shutdown) before powering off or rebooting your laptop.

Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:52 pm
by jimjones312
Ok, so when i /oper myself, and i run that command, i get:

Code: Select all

OperServ ( Access Denied
Now after some research i found that its because my nick is not set to be allowed with OperServ (Call me crazy, but i honestly LOVE this security lol)

I was told to edit a line in /etc/anope/services.conf and add my nick, but the lin that was mentioned does not seem to exist (Or at least not with the wording he gave) HERE is where i saw that at, and they say
You need to be a global oper (i.e. user mode +o) to access OperServ. This can be configured via the OSOpersOnly

This is the closest i have found so far:

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         * The source(s) to only accept log messages from. Leave commented to allow all sources.
         * This can be a users name, a channel name, one of our clients (eg, OperServ), or a server name.
        #source = "mynick"

When i uncommented that line (Which was commented out and everything ran) And i save, attempt to restart anope and unrealircd, anope fails, unrealircd works fine, but anope doesnt start at all, so im assuming thats invalid?

Just want to have more of an idea on what to do before i go in and start randomly editing things that look wrong lol.

EDIT: Actually, after 3 minutes of posting this, i read through my operserv.example.conf and its all default, i never edited it so im assuming thats where my error lies, if so, then What Line Do I Edit?

Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:12 pm
by katsklaw
The /oper command is for Unreal, it's what makes you an IRCop. We are happy to help you there. When it comes to OperServ, which is part of services and a COMPLETELY different software package, we must defer you to your services package documentation.

It seems to me that you are thoroughly confused as to what is actually happening. In which case I suggest you consult your services package support chain. Services can be far more confusing than the ircd can be. if you can /oper then our part is done. OperServ access is a different matter.

Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:34 am
by jimjones312
I will admit that at first i wasn't thinking clearly when i made my original post, but after it was moved i understood 100% that it was Anope and not Unrealircd, but since services are needed for Unrealircd and i know that Anope is extremely popular i was assuming there would be some suggestions, but ill go ahead and post on their forums instead.

Thanks for helping though

UPDATE: I just made a post on Anopes forums, incase anyone has this same issue go HERE to take a look at responses, no resolution yet, but im sure there will be one very soon

Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:53 am
by katsklaw
lol, actually having services are always optional. They are not needed for UnrealIRCd to function. The original IRC protocol doesn't call for nor make mention of services. The sole purpose of services is to allow IRC users to register their nicks and channels.

I suggested you contact Anope because it seems you have several points of failure, at least from what I've seen on your post. Our services forum here is for basic stuff like configuration issues and the like, but if you are experiencing functional issues beyond that, it's best to contact the development team and I'd assume that if the roles were reversed that Anope would send you here if you had issues with Unreal. :)

Re: Issues with perm changes and the flat file database

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:02 pm
by Syzop
Hm.. anope 2.0 (rc1)? Don't you simply need to create an oper block in your services.conf (note: services.conf, not the operserv conf)? Search for "After defining different types of operators" and read that text... change the name in the example block.
Perhaps you haven't added any opers there and have (only) been looking into the operserv conf, in which case I can understand why you couldn't find it.