Help! ChanServ doesnt remember anyone!

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Help! ChanServ doesnt remember anyone!

Post by Abschatten »

Hello everyone first time posting here.

We've had Unrealircd running with Anope on our server since October however this week (about two days ago) the server rebooted but this time peoples profiles were wiped essentially. ChanServ does not remember anyone at all. The normal owners, founders, ops. They're all gone however the channels themselves still exists but once again those are not "registered" and we can't re-register them. We're running Unreal I do get this error when launching unrealircd and I am unsure if its the exact cause of the issue.
Possible error encountered (IRCd seemingly not started)
Check above for possible errors, and this output of
ircd.log. If you cannot solve the problem, read
Unreal.nfo on where to get support
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Re: Help! ChanServ doesnt remember anyone!

Post by katsklaw »

This is not a normal issue so it would be best to ask Anope. Our forums here is here mainly to do normal, routine configurations so you should really contact them.

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