I cant add bots to the server

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I cant add bots to the server

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I've been trying to add bots for a long time but nothing works until now. This is the example cmd i used

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/bs BOT ADD Test test irc.something.net Test
Before using that commands, i registered the oper name and identified and logged in as operator, whist everything done and when i use the above cmd it shows nothing on my network, not even a client message. Whereas if i'm not an operator and using the cmd then it'd show "Access denied"

I know this command is only used by operators but i cant do it, this is actually freaking me out cuz i've been after this for 24 hours working this out. Hope this topic would make a change.

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Re: I cant add bots to the server

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Moved to services forum as it has nothing to do with Unreal IRCd.
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Re: I cant add bots to the server

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make sure you are a Services admins and not a services oper.
add bot cmd is accessible for Services admins or above (ie root)