HELP ME PLEASE: -OperServ- Access denied.

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HELP ME PLEASE: -OperServ- Access denied.

Post by jorgemostiga »

Good day,

I have a problem with the services Anope in the congfiguracion has put servicesroot to my Nick "George" and key and everything OK! and when I do the command: "/ os login MYPASS" it tells me:

-OperServ- Password accepted.

but when I want to do the command: "/os Help" the options keep coming up:

-OperServ- OperServ commands:
-OperServ- HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
-OperServ- LOGIN Login to OperServ
-OperServ- LOGOUT Logout from OperServ

as if I was not identified with the services and I have ewl Nick registered and identified and my Oper everything OK. I would like to know what is the problem? because he will not let me or put the command:

/os set superamin on

because I get the error:

-OperServ- Access denied.

Please help! :cry: :? :cry:
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Re: HELP ME PLEASE: -OperServ- Access denied.

Post by Hawkeye »

You must register your nickname first, and put this line into your services.conf require_oper = yes

I forget to say: be a Services Root.. you can control the hole Anope system