Unrealircd4.2.4 not supported by statistics services??

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Unrealircd4.2.4 not supported by statistics services??

Post by Suratka »

I don't know if it's the right section to post this question.
Some of you use the stats on unrealircd 4.2.4, because I tried to install Neostats and it gave me problems with make. then I read that it is old and that it probably doesn't support unrealircd 4, then I tried to install denora stats, the installation seems to have gone well, but I can't get it to start and call the server, I suppose it will be due to the incompatibility with unrealircd4 or my total technical incapacity.
any of you know how I can install a statistics system on my little Unrealircd 4.2.4 server with anope 2.0.7, in the easiest way possible?
a small step by step guide.
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Re: Unrealircd4.2.4 not supported by statistics services??

Post by PeGaSuS »

None of the mentioned stats services works with UnrealIRCd 4.x and higher.

I'd advise you to setup Anope with a mysql database and use MagIRC for web stats.

You should read the documentation of both services thoroughly, because most of the answers to your questions are there.

If after the initial setup you are still unable to make it work, post your errors and attempts here and you might find someone willing to help you.

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