Spamfilters for aliased commands ?

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Spamfilters for aliased commands ?

Post by Steck »


Our network is currently receiving an excess of false nickserv registrations. Our services sends confirmation emails to every new registered user. The bots that are registering are using the bogus email address:

All of the bots registering have different nicknames & come from different IPs. We attempted to simply add this to our spamfilter for private message & private notice. We kept receiving bogus registrations until we tested further..
The bots are using the nickserv alias:
/Nickserv register pass
or /ns etc
When tested none of the spamfilter types catch this.
Has anyone else had this problem or know of a fix?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Post by Dukat »

You could just disable the /nickserv aliases... People would have to /msg nickserv then... but that's a rather bad option. :(

Try banning the bots on other patterns if possible (ident? Real name? Stuff they say?)

Or you could solve the issue on the services server. For anope there are several modules that could help you, e.g. ns_humantestonreg or ns_checkemailonregister.
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