real names with space

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real names with space

Post by heper » Wed Dec 08, 2004 1:48 pm

this is probably an easy question, tho i've searched this section
of the forum and havent spotte the answer

some botnet owners arent very bright and use the same real name on each of their bots

so spamfilter is able to get the using the the realname

lets say the realname = evil botnet

what would the correct regex be then to fill up that space ?

so far i've tried evil_botnet and evil^botnet
but that dont seem to work, only way i managed to get them of was using evil* but i dont like
to keep that broad spamfilter on

ex: /spamfilter add u gline 1d suspected_botnet *!*@*:uk^known
/spamfilter add u gline 1d suspected_botnet *!*@*:uk_known

dont work

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Post by AngryWolf » Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:55 pm

Regexes have a different syntax than those wildcard masks you can use in UnrealIRCd. You should learn about regexes first. See GouroB's topic for more information.

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Post by heper » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:38 pm

heh i know that
If you know that, then why do you continue to use bad regexps?
like /spamfilter add u gline 1d suspected_botnet *!*@*:uk\sknown
and /spamfilter add u gline 1d suspected_botnet *!*@*:uk.\s.known
and /spamfilter addl u gline 1d suspected_botnet *!*@*:uk[[:blank:]]known
Every single one of those is wrong. *, as Angrywolf mentioned, is NOT the same as in a wildcard. It does not mean "match any character." It means "match 0 or more of the previous character." So, what happens when you put an * as the first character? Well, either you get an error, or it does nothing. As Angrywolf said, learn regexp first. But to your question, I don't know why you are trying all this crazy \s, [:blank:], _, etc. Have you considered maybe just putting a space character?

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Post by Stealth » Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:13 pm

Code: Select all

/spamfilter add u gline 1d suspected_botnet .+!.+@.+:uk sknown
That will work. If you just put a space there, the regex will take it as a literal space. (And that is why the regex part of the command is the last thing you put.)

EDIT: Improved my regex :P

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