how would i match non-valid mirc version replies?

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how would i match non-valid mirc version replies?

Post by Winbots »

I'm not good with regular expressions, so could someone help me?
How would I match anything that looks like a mirc version reply, but doesn't exactly match one of the replies given by mIRC...

for example it would match 'mIRC' or 'mIRC 6.16' but not 'mIRC v6.16 Khaled Mardam-Bey'...
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Post by codemastr »

Negative matches are, unfortunately, extremely difficult (the regex library we use does not yet support 'negative lookahead assertions.') What this means is, it would probably take me several hours to come up with the regex that you will need. Therefore, it is probably much easier to add the list of "invalid" results manually.
-- codemastr
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