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CloneX SpamFilter

Post by [SkG] » Sun Apr 03, 2005 5:33 pm

I don't know how to use the spam filter and i read this:
seems flooder(s) are using ClonesX script to flood, you can stop one of their method by this regex:

I want know how to add this spamfilter

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Post by Syzop » Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:13 pm

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/spamfilter add kill u - please_go_away ^[a-z][0-9]{1,4}!~[a-z][0-9]{1,4}@.+:[a-z]{6}$
Or 'gline' instead of kill, etc etc, read up about spamfilter in 3.14 - Spamfilter.

Note the ~ sign at ident, if you got a server with ident disabled (no set::options::identd-check) then you need to remove that ~ because nobody will have a ~ in it, so then you want to use:

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/spamfilter add kill u - please_go_away ^[a-z][0-9]{1,4}![a-z][0-9]{1,4}@.+:[a-z]{6}$

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Post by Magician » Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:01 pm

When i do:

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/spamfilter add kill u - please_go_away ^[a-z][0-9]{1,4}![a-z][0-9]{1,4}@.+:[a-z]{6}$
i get this:

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[03:59pm]  « Vangic.SmoothIRC.Net : Use: /spamfilter [add|del|remove|+|-] [type] [action] [tkltime] [tklreason] [regex]
[03:59pm]  « Vangic.SmoothIRC.Net : See '/helpop ?spamfilter' for more information.
whats the problem?
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Post by Stealth » Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:11 pm

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/spamfilter add u kill - please_go_away ^[a-z][0-9]{1,4}![a-z][0-9]{1,4}@.+:[a-z]{6}$
Try that :)

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