Guidelines on posting spamfilters

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Guidelines on posting spamfilters

Post by Syzop »

This is the place to post spamfilters which might be useful to others, eg: global spam, trojans/virusses/worms, etc...

If you have any false positives (that is: rules are accidently triggered when they shouldn't be) please post them here too!

We try to maintain a spamfilter.conf in UnrealIRCd with some effective spamfilters on current threats.

Please have a look at the current spamfilter.conf first before submitting a rule (this file is a CVS snapshot updated every 4 hours). Also have a quick look at the forum to see if your filter has been mentioned before (and perhaps rejected).

How to submit
- Provide us with a sample of the text that the trojan/spammer/whatever sends [!]
Optional (but usually very helpful):
- Please put the virus/trojan/worm name in the subject. In case of spam or if you don't know, choose some other good description (eg part of the text).
- Show us the regex or spamfilter block you use for this.
- If possible, provide some additional information on it / a link to a description of the virus / etc...

The future...
In the future we will probably have a better centralized spamfilter system, but for now we will just use this forum :).
Feel free to use the current-CVS url via remote includes. Unfortunately at the time of writing (Unreal3.2.3) this is no longer really up to date. In any case, if anything goes wrong we cannot be held liable (see the LICENSE for more information).

Thanks for providing sigs and helping the community out!