Need help with spam

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Need help with spam

Post by Guest » Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:53 am

Hey people..
I have problems with spamer on my network.. they allways send totaly random msg and bunch of crap and there is no way to block them using
some clues from msg..
Anyway.. i was wondering is there anyway to block them on their userhost
here are some examples of the nicks :

zaieb is ~_abattO@1D110CA5.2287DEAE.12B8887E.IP * nazl-
yjshhxx is ~PeOGRaM@E2C3FC4.876AC5A9.1006725.IP * iNViter
dcapaoum is * Lejyoner
mjcdtq is ~__PoWeR_B@2B989ABB.7680AF6C.42F44F6F.IP * LoveBaby-and-Stitche

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