Anybody know what these are?

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Post by Syzop » Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:36 pm

Well, since 3.2.2 (so since October 2004) we have the spamfilter 'u' target, so if you got these things, just do something like:

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/spamfilter add u kill - Please_use_another_nickname ^Guest[0-9]{6}!.+

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Post by Jason » Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:07 am

wth? Annoying guest quoter.

Shouldnt it be a block? Do these trigger on nick changes? If they do, what about services SVSNICKing me to Guest123456 when I fail to ident. Should I be killed for that?
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Post by TigerKatziTatzi » Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:11 am

type of Guestxxxxx bots.

i'm not sure anymore if its only a floodbot or it was spambot. At least its a bot for harming networks/ channels.

looks like the owner/ user isn'T expierenced with bots, otherwise he would had changed the based nickname. so its probably the original script.


- check the ips of the bots ( proxy or dyn ip)
-- if proxy u have to deal with floodbots, if dyn ip u have to deal prolly with a GTbot type.

- if proxy use opsb to trigger gline them auto

- if dyn ip find similiar indicators in nickname/ ident/ realname , check on spam they are doing and use spamfilter for glining them

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Post by w00t » Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:12 pm

Irritating guest quoter is no more ;)
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