Unrealircd & services + AVG on win system

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Unrealircd & services + AVG on win system

Post by Ares » Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:53 pm

I'm posting this as a reference to anyone who attempts this in the future. If i would have come across a topic like this it would have helped me greatly, so i'm posting in the hopes that it might help someone in the future from making the same mistake.

The full discussion is here:

But i will recap...

I was running UnrealIrcd 3.2.3 with IrcServices 5 on my win32 machine. Everything worked perfectly and i had everything configured with no flaws. The server ran for many days uninterrupted with no problems. Since my server did not have any antivirus protection, i decided to try an installation of AVG antivirus software 7.1 with firewall. I had no intention of using the firewall but it comes built in and i was simply going to deactivate it once it was installed.

Well, as soon as i installed AVG, and upon subsequent reboot of the machine, i started having problems. The problem was with services connecting to unreal. I went through various checkpoints making sure ports were opened, config files weren't changed, windows firewall was not blocking anything, and even rolled back my operating system to a few days before the installation but to no avail. I'm still not even sure if the problem is with Unreal or with services itself. Log files were not able to pin point me to anything (firewall logs, unreal logs & services logs were not helpful).

Avg has been uninstalled but whatever changes it made were permanent. I will have to reformat the whole system and start from scratch because services and unreal are not working well together. I know unreal does not provide any support for services, but again, i'm posting this as an advisory for anyone attempting to install AVG with unreal in the future. Don't do it, is my advice. For further info, you can check the url at top. Unreal & Services were the only programs affected by this antivirus program. Nothing else was harmed. Unfortunately, Unreal & services are meant to be the staple of what this machine is being used for. :(
- Ares

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