I can't to be on ircop :(

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I can't to be on ircop :(

Post by Craig15 »

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oper craig {
 	class           clients;
 	from {
 		userhost *!*@*;
		userhost *!*@3EC91100.D473691B.24F0BF39.IP*;
 	password "blabla";
i try userhost *@3EC91100.D473691B.24F0BF39.IP; and userhost *@3EC91100.D473691B.24F0BF39.IP*; but

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12Nick: 11Craig
12> Address: 11ss@3EC91100.D473691B.24F0BF39.IP 12«11Unknown12»
12> Name: 11Nie rob whois.. i tak mnie niezlagujesz :]
12> Craig is connecting from *@ip ip
12> Channels: 11@#lol
12> Server: 11Craig.MindForge.Org,11 MindForge.Serwer
12> Idle: 111 Minute and 38 Seconds
12> SignOn: 11Sunday, January 1st, 2006 at 4:02pm
12> User List Catagory: 11Not in User Lists
12> Channels in common with 11Craig12: 11#lol
12[16:04:25] 11ERROR 12> 491: No O-lines for your host
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Post by Dukat »

Please read the docs again:
http://www.vulnscan.org/UnrealIRCd/unre ... #operblock

(Hint: userhost means user@host, not nick!user@host)
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Post by Stealth »

IIRC, the userhost cannot be the cloaked userhost. It needs to be a real IP or real host.
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Post by Kaho »

NVM typign wrong sytax
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Post by [UnDeRTaKeR] »

you mean what ip you must use??
if thats the case, like the supporters said,
use the real ip,
read the documentation as well, the link is in this thread
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