allowing oper::from::userhost from a /vhost

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well that answers my question. you DIDNT read the documentation. ... eature_ssl
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sdamon :
Where are you from? I'm telling you, this is Cuba, (opers, clients, servers links, even my mother) connects via proxy. Please stop being so self-sufficient/arrogant and offer some help, when you began on this, you wasn't an erudite as now you suppose it.
We all know that a solution for users running behind a proxy is almost impossible, but we always come here, supporters/coders always have a way/solution.
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definitively ur strong point isnt deduction...
is about using /oper with ssl, subject wich isnt treated in docs nor FAQ...
so please stop doing the only thing u can do for sure,
spamming without reading the threads...
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Post by sdamon » OPER people on open proxies.... Just do EVERYONE a favor and throw away your computer...realy.
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sdamon do us ALL a favor and throw away your keyboard so we don't have to listen to any more of your rants. they suck and very unhelpful. and even further are fucking useless and unsubstantiated.

UnDeRTaKeR: should help you
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UnDeRTaKeR: And this one