Memory Usage And Buffer Pool Allocation

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Memory Usage And Buffer Pool Allocation

Post by creese » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:42 am

hi,I'm really a newbie in IRCD.I just installed UrealIRCD on my linux server and wrote a test script/bots for some Stress Testing.
I found Buffer Pool allocation error when 3k+ bots connected to the server .
So I reconfigure the ircd and increase the buffer pool to 300M(2000000*150), but when my bots open 3k connections and speak for a while ,the memory usage of irc daemon began to increasing continuous until reach the buffer pool size.Then Buffer Pool allocation error again.
I try to increase to buffer pool size to 600M but can't solve the problem,
the ircd just took the memory as configure para sets. when he reach the limitation he kick out all the user/bots.

I've configured my server as
I want my ircd to hold over 1024 connections![]

I appreciate any kinds of help here.Thanks.

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