Flags add IRCop

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Flags add IRCop

Post by jailmann » Sun May 09, 2004 7:01 pm


i am new to this but i have services and unreal and neostats runnig but my problem i need help whit is

Flags and hot to add IRCop

i have found these flags but i missing one flag somone her could help me

* flags "OoaArDRhwgcLKkbZtBnNGCWHv";
* flags net admin "OoaArDRhwgcLKkbZtBnNGCWHvejfqFG";
* flags Admin "OoArDRhwgcLKkbZtBnGCWHvejfqFG";
* flags Co admin "OorDRhwgcLKkbZtBnGCWHvejfqFG";
* flags Global IRCop "OrhwgcLkbBnWHvejfqFG";

----- i need flags for Local IRCop -------


An i know how to ad admin thats is in unrealircd.conf but how to add IRCop do i have to add them to ind conf file or can i add them in services

Sorry for the quetion but my english is not good i hope you understand me

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Post by _MiF_ » Mon May 10, 2004 3:10 am

flags "orRDhgwnckbtBztHW";

so here they are =)
Best regards, _MiF_

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Post by codemastr » Mon May 10, 2004 3:15 am

o = locop
O = globop
C = coadmin
A = admin
a = services admin
N = netadmin

All of those other flags have nothing to do with the level, or are already included in one of the level flags. Asking which ones are for locop doesn't make sense.
-- codemastr

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