How-to hide server names when netsplit occurs ?

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How-to hide server names when netsplit occurs ?

Post by core »


Is there posibility to hide server names from non-opers when netsplit occurs?

for example:

normal users see: "User1 quited (Netsplitted)", opers see: "User1 quited ("?
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Post by Stealth »

You can't.
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Post by Jason »

People can find out your network routing other ways anyhow. Did you know /whois is an awesome weapon for this purpose?
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Post by core »

yes, i know, that is possible to discover server names and how they are connected using /whois, /links, /map, etc.

Just want to know, is there way to hide such things, without modifying the source... Now i know, that is impossible.
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Post by White_Magic »

i wouldnt say its impossible, (static quit uses a prefixed message as there quit) i dont see why this cant be made to override a netspilt quit message.

but in saying all this, i agree its better not to have this anyway, less codes = less bugs ;)
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Post by aquanight »

static-quit only overrides /quit given messages. It does not override "error quits" like Ping timeout or netsplit.
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Post by Jobe »

White_Magic was saying how he/she could not see a reason why the static quit message cannot override the netsplit quit message apart from the obvious that it's an error. But due to the nature of netsplit quit messages i dont think it would be too bad an idea to have an option for a static netsplit quit message seperate from the normal static quite message.

Just a thought
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