TIMESYNC causes crash with no log entry.

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TIMESYNC causes crash with no log entry.

Post by Sandro » Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:14 am

Hello, ill try to format this in a brief, easily readable manner.
Problem: Server crashes with no indication prior to the crash or in log files of any sort.
Tried solutions:
-Checked server syntax (for ulined servers)
-Disabled certain ulined servers during the debugging period
-Unloaded all non-default modules
-ran in debug mode
Result: all of the above failed to provide further assistancwe
Current solution 'on the drawing board':
On the log file, ircd.log, i noticed ..

Code: Select all

[Thu Mar  5 02:14:08 2009] - TIME SYNCH: timeserver=1236219248, our=1236219248, offset = 0 [old offset: 0]
[this is where the crash entry SHOULD BE)
[Thu Mar  5 02:14:11 2009] - Connect - Thomas!OhShnap@ [VHOST 4D82AE01.FE5CDA8A.793A9D9A.IP]
So apparently when the server syncs time, it is segfaulting/crashing.
Solution: none
I am requesting help on solving this tsync issue.
Interesting notes to add: It seems as though the hard-disk has been 100% full at the time of the crashes, i have deleted at least 3 gigs of data now, and so far no crash. Will look out for tsyncs to see if they pass by or if they fail.

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