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Forum Rules - How to NOT get your post deleted!

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:05 pm
by Stealth
Features, Suggestions, and Bugs
Please use to post features, suggestions, and report bugs. If these items are posted on the forums, they will have a VERY small chance of being added or fixed in future UnrealIRCd versions.

Getting Help
  1. Always try to find your answer by doing the following:
    • Check the documentation. All features and settings are well documented in the HTML version of the docs. Documentation for the current version is always available at
    • There are 2 different FAQs for Unreal. Most questions can be answered by checking a FAQ. The first one is Syzop's FAQ, the second is Stealth's FAQ.
    • Search the forums for the answer to your question. These forums have been here since early 2004 and contain plenty of useful information.
  2. Always use a descriptive subject line.
  3. Include as much information about your question or problem as you can.
  4. The language of these forums is English, but if you don't speak English well you may post in the International Forum using your native language.
  5. If you are using a modified version of Unreal, be sure you can reproduce your problem on a "vanilla" copy before posting.
  6. Do not post your whole configuration file and expect us to find the errors for you. We are here to help you set up Unreal, and not set it up for you.
  7. Do not 'bump' topics. This is rude and won't help you get a reply any sooner.
Giving Help
  1. Don't post if your comment will not add to the solution of the original poster.
  2. We are not here to tell people to google it or to consult the documentation.
  3. If the question has been asked before, kindly direct the poster to the correct topic which has their answer.
  4. Be as clear as you can with your solution. You need to keep in mind that many people posting on this forum may not have as much experience with Unreal that you do.
Failure to follow the rules may get your post removed or result in you being banned. Use the 'report' button on posts to let us know about any posts or topics that may need attention from a moderator.