Compiling Unreal on win32 info (libs & modules)

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Compiling Unreal on win32 info (libs & modules)

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Just a note to anyone that wants to compile UnrealIRCd on win32 themselves with zlib/openssl/curl support:

I rewrote a large part of doc/compiling_win32.txt explaining in detail how to build zlib, openssl and curl w/c-ares yourself.
But, more important, I've also put up a page (which is linked from compiling_win32.txt) which contains a development package that contains the zlib + ssl + curl libraries precompiled suitable for Unreal (in fact, it are the exact versions that were used for the Unreal3.2.2 windows releases).

So, hopefully that should resolve most of the problems people experienced with custom win32 builds (read: crashes due to incorrectly compiled libaries or unable to compile things at all [eg: curl+ares == a disaster])

Also, a 'compiling modules' section was added to compiling_win32.txt, clearly explaining when dll's are compatible (and can be put online so users can download them) and when not.
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