Mirc Problems.

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Mirc Problems.

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I am trying to connect to my UnrealIrcd Network. I have successfully set up the unrealircd.conf forwarded & checked my ports. It is opened. But i cannot connect to my no-ip.biz server. I am running off a windows vista home premium based computer. But, here is the error i am getting. I also noticed something inside the Mirc settings thats suppose to show up once connected to a server. I am wondering if that is the issue? Mirc cannot identify my host name?


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Re: Mirc Problems.

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We have been over this the last time: you asked the exact same question and therefore I only have the one and only right answer for you; the one I gave you the last time.

See: http://forums.unrealircd.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6573
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