UnrealIRCd & Windows Networking Stack Issues?

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Re: UnrealIRCd & Windows Networking Stack Issues?

Post by estranged »

My problem is similiar with the OP but my irc server is in centos 5.4, not freebsd.

Other users see me quitting with "connection reset by peer" message

And this is what I see:

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[14:26] Local host: xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.yyy.net (xx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
[14:27] * [10053] Software caused connection abort
I tried to connect to irc.unrealircd.com and same thing, I only stay connected for 15 seconds:

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[14:35] -Global- [Logon News - Feb 22 2010] Welcome to our new network for support&more. We hope to provide better support this way. Unfortunately, due to the move, everyone will have to re-register his/her nick.
[14:35] Local host: unknown (
[14:35] * [10053] Software caused connection abort
[14:35] * Disconnected
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Re: UnrealIRCd & Windows Networking Stack Issues?

Post by Syzop »

Ok, Connection reset by peer.

You'll get back to me later with the results of the change+recompile+restart? :)

If that doesn't work out, I may have to work with you to connect to my IP & me tracing the connection, but I'm kinda busy so would have you rather try the former first.
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Re: UnrealIRCd & Windows Networking Stack Issues?

Post by ohnobinki »

I'm not sure how relevant this is, but this issue sounds like one that ewong, a seamonkey developer from moznet, reported in [url=irc://irc.unrealircd.org/unreal3-devel]#unreal3-devel[/url] the other day. Here's my summary:

ewong had a problem connecting to moznet (which uses unrealircd-3.2.8 ) with SSL from chatzilla and got cut off at the MOTD, just as Kumba is. But the problem appears to have magically fixed itself after about a day. ewong said that this happened after his ISP upgraded his connection to a higher speed. But this does nothing to explain why the virtual boxes on Kumba's machine would work while his Windows machine would get cut off. Although, ewong was using Windows... yet he didn't seem to report any change to his Windows machine between his IRC not working and suddenly working...
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