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Remote include

Post by cvdeeden »

I'm trying to remotely include the unrealircd.conf of an other irc server (linked with the server which should include it), but it doesn't get included and it's using his old configuration settings, but I've removed everything but me {} and listen {}.

Do I need to restart te server to have it changed?

I'm asking because I don't want to restart if there's no need for it, I've got a lot of users on it so I don't want to restart without any reason or restart when it doesn't help.

Using include " ... lircd.conf";
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Re: Remote include

Post by Casper »

If a simple /rehash (while logged in on SSH: ./unreal rehash) doesn't work, I'm afraid you will have to restart. Try a rehash anyway, since it might come up with errors. This way your server will have the most uptime, given that the IRCd won't start up again if there are errors in your config.
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Re: Remote include

Post by Syzop »

Adding remote includes to your configuration file requires a rehash, there's no reason to restart.

If it doesn't work, even though you have an include line such as the one you mentioned, then you'll get an error or warning. If you don't get an error, and you're sure the remote include isn't working either, then most likely you added it to a file or section which isn't read (eg: commented out).

Of course, if you previously had your UnrealIRCd compiled without remote includes, and have recompiled WITH.. then yes, you need to restart.
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