No remote connections

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No remote connections

Post by Xakepa »

I can connect to my IRC from or but not my ip/6667 or 6697.

I port forwarded both 6667 and 6697

My allow looks like:

allow {
ip *;
hostname *;
class clients;
maxperip 5;

and listen looks like:

listen *:6667

listen *:6697 {
options {

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Re: No remote connections

Post by SpaceDoG »

I don't think you can bounce out to the net and back to your local box. I might be mistaken. It could also be that your ISP doesn't allow inc connections on that port. Only way to test is to either come into our chat network and ask for a test connection or post here and ask for one.
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Re: No remote connections

Post by katsklaw »

Actually you can connect to your local box remotely.

If you can connect locally via then try connecting via the IP your DHCP server in your router gives you. Generally 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x If that too is successful then try your routers IP. You can also try to check if your ports are forwarded. If you can connect locally but not remotely then it's likely your routers is not forwarding ports correctly and/or there is also a chance your ISP is filtering ports.
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