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The coding on ports (codepage) in 3.2.9-rc1

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:34 am
by Epic
I ask a pardon for my English language, I through online the translator made the text.

I ask the help from authors of the version of server IRCDUnreal 3.2.9-rc1. The server works for me in system Windows 2003 R2
Should recognize that the new server became much better and more stable, communication PING with visitors coming through mobile phones from clients java began to take off extremely rarely because of loss Ping Time Out! It is essential break and all are very happy, dialogue became more stable. But is to steam of serious questions to authors. Big to you for these thanks! Now I want to use only this version of your server! :roll:
I can not arrange in listen the coding on each port as it was in versions more low. :(
It is necessary to me, what on port 6667 would be coding CP1251, and on 6668 coding UTF-8, such probably to make? And how it to make?
As it is impossible to use codepage.conf a file for usage aliases commands /codepage UTF-8
Tell, in this version it have completely cancelled, or there are other methods as that to register on port the coding?
The new version mIRC 7.19 works only through UTF-8 and from it it is impossible to sit in Russian network with the coding of nicknames CP1251
I think this question has arisen at all owners of servers in Russia who has decided to pass to your new version IRCD. Tell what to do? Whether there will be units? Or patches? :|