Qwebirc and Unrealircd Problem

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Qwebirc and Unrealircd Problem

Post by MrPie »

Hello, i came on yesterday on the irc chat and tried to get this sorted. It seems like qwebirc is connecting by HTTP and unrealircd kicks it out thinking it's an attack. This is what i get in the browser after typing;
:irc.xvinitynetwork.com NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
:irc.xvinitynetwork.com NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname (cached)
ERROR :Closing Link: [] (HTTP command from IRC connection (ATTACK?))
Here are my settings i'm using for both qwebirc and Unrealircd;

IRCSERVER, IRCPORT = "86.xx.xxx.xxx", 6667
IDENT = "webchat"
WEBIRC_MODE = "webirc"
cgiirc {
type webirc;
username *;
hostname "86.xx.xxx.xxx";
password "Password";

I know yesterday Stealth told me to uncomment out the BASE_URL which i did. But that didn't do anything.

I'm also having an issue with Run.py just closing as soon as i open it, but i think it's running. Not to sure why that is happening as i deleted the whole qwebirc folder and started from a fresh copy.

Any help is appretiated :)
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Re: Qwebirc and Unrealircd Problem

Post by Jobe »

Unless you changed the port in config.py you should be connecting to qwebirc using http://<ip>:9090

As for run.py, what does it output before closing? (Note normal operation results in it closing too, as qwebirc runs in the background)
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Re: Qwebirc and Unrealircd Problem

Post by MrPie »

Update: Sorted this out. Base URL was set as
# Base_URL
But removing the space and making it as

seemed to have let the run.py do it's thing. I also had to open port 9090. Something which i forgot to do earlier. So now Qwebirc is running nicely.

I am however having issues with many users having 'Software caused connection aborts' they are however not having said problems on a different server i know of which makes me think that the problem is on my own end. Any ideas why this is happened and what i can do to sort it out?
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Re: Qwebirc and Unrealircd Problem

Post by katsklaw »

There are many things on IRC you can control, the connectivitiy between servers or servers and users is outside your control. This problem may or may not be your problem so you may or may not be able to "fix" it. In this type of situation, being able to connect elsewhere but not to you is not completely relavant as the connectivity pathsways are different and the issue could be along said pathway.

Things you can try:

lower your ping frequency (especially if you have an extremely low user count)
have users try other servers on your network
have them try other ports
if they get the error while trying to connect to your roundrobin, have them try a specific server or the otherway around
have them disable their firewall
make sure your firewall isn't interfering

Rember that the best server for the user is *not* always the closest one to them and may change from time to time. The same goes for server to server connectivity as well.

Hope that helps
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