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Post by tarekhere » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:00 am

So Ive installed everything and fixed all errors, but I can't get this error to be fixed ..

Code: Select all

* Loading IRCd configuration ..
* unrealircd.conf:171: Ignoring extra close brace
* unrealircd.conf:171 Ignoring extra semicolon
* unrealircd.conf:243: Ignoring extra close brace
* unrealircd.conf:243 Ignoring extra semicolon
* unrealircd.conf:247: Ignoring extra close brace
* unrealircd.conf:247 Ignoring extra semicolon
* unrealircd.conf:169: unknown directive filename
* unrealircd.conf:170: unknown directive reason
* unrealircd.conf:236: unknown directive maxchannelsperuser
* unrealircd.conf:238: unknown directive throttle
[error] set::maxchannelsperuser is missing
[error] 1 errors encountered
[error] IRCd configuration failed to pass testing
and here is my configuration settings

Code: Select all

set {
	kline-address "boo@boo";
	modes-on-connect "+ixws";
	modes-on-oper	 "+iwghGsxWHt";
	oper-auto-join "#opers";
	dns {
		nameserver *hidden*;
		timeout 2s;
		retries 3;
	options {

maxchannelsperuser 15;

throttle {
		connections 3;
		period 60s;


loadmodule "modules/commands.dll";
Please help me out.

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